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Hi, I'm Brian Barnicle.

I've been a working artist for 10 years, photography being main medium. I love adventure, to tell stories and muse over all the beautiful things in life.  

 If you need imagery to promote your Business, Brand  or Band, let's dream it up together.


BA - Dual Concentration in Commercial and Industrial Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA

Certificate from Hallmark Institute of Photography - MA.

Freelance Photographer and assistant since 2007, I've worked with a wide variety of clients, from professional musicians to corporate executives. I've been published in Rolling Stone, Magnet Magazine (UK), Vibe, Montecito Journal, and a dozen other publications. Worked as a first assistant for a few great photographers, mainly portrait or architecture based.

Head Photographer and Manager of Robert's Photography, a studio in Santa Barbara, CA, for two years. We had contracts with most of the public schools in the area as well as local and corporate businesses. I was responsible for managing teams of photographers as well and doing an average of 6 photo sessions a day myself. 

I've also spent a few years in production, first 6 months as a location scout and PA and was quickly promoted to manager of Santa Barbara Location Services.  A 30-year-old company that was the top location service in central California. We worked with numerous high-end clients like; Porsche, Tommy Bahama, Target, Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Ameritrade, ect. I recently have worked on festival media teams and build crews. 





My Art

I've always had a strong connecting with nature and grew up camping and backpacking. Spending so much time outdoors as a kid is what taught me to how to see the world. All my images are available for print, please send me an email with which image you would like and I'll send you sizing and pricing.